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My home theater contains the following equipment:
TelevisionToshiba TP55G90 55" Rear Projection
A/V ReceiverTechnics SA-GX910
DBSDISH Echostar HTS Model 3000
Laserdisk/CDPanasonic LX-1000
Tape DeckScott Dual Deck
Speakers-FrontCambridge Soundworks Ensemble
Speakers-CenterCambridge Soundworks Center Channel Plus
Speakers-RearZenith Surrounds
Speakers-SubwooferThe Wicked One
Underfloor TransducersIn Process of Being Built
Transducer/Sub AmplifierKenwood M1-D 125 W/Ch
AntennaTerk TV50

This is my current collection of laserdisks, but I am interested in selling it off. If interested in any titles, drop me an e-mail.

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Home Theater/ Revised July 2000