Timothy B. Crane

6139 Brownsville Road
South Park, PA 15236

Employment Objective:

I am interested in an engineering management position for plant controls and maintenance. My background is particularily suited for production, pilot operations, development and implementation. I desire responsibilities in which I can demonstrate professional and corporate growth potential.



GMI Engineering & Management Institute, Flint, MI
  • B.S.E.E., 1990, emphasis in Computer Science, Minor in Optics
  • Thesis: Creation of a Prototype ECM Direct Drive Clothes Washer, and Analysis of Water Flow Using Laser Vision Techniques.
  • Independent Study: Designed a 8088-based microcomputer, and revised class materials for the Computer Architecture course.
  • Five year co-op program with Whirlpool Corporation.



My work experiences have been varied and gratifying. I feel that my relationship with my employers has been positive in both personal and technical perspectives. As a result, my enthusiasm for my work, and my ability to effectively contribute, has continued to grow.


Available upon request.

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Resume of Timothy Crane / Revised August 2009